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Mistletoe (Viscum album) Therapy

Mistletoe therapy is a plant-based injection and intravenous therapy that involve the mistletoe plant (Viscum album). Most of the clinical research has been done in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. The main active ingredients in the Viscum album plant are lectin, viscotoxins, and polysaccarides. In vitro and in vivo experimentation has shown that mistletoe extracts have an immunomodulating and anti-tumor effect. Human clinical trials have demonstrated that incorporating mistletoe to standard oncology treatments can improve quality of life, physical functioning, energy production, and prolonging survival.


There are 2 types of mistletoe preparations: Helixor and Iscador. Both preparations can be used subcutaneously but only Helixor can be used intravenously. Different mistletoe subspecies come from the different host trees that the mistletoe grows on. Depending on the subspecies, there are varying proportions of lectins, viscotoxins, and polysaccharides. The decision to choose one subspecies over another depends on the type of cancer, current treatment, and general conditioning. Our naturopathic doctors will choose the best product for you as it is made on an individual basis.

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