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What Is Detoxification?

‘Detox’ and ‘cleansing’ are synonymous terms. They are a natural means of assisting the body to eliminate accumulated waste and internal toxins.

Why Would I do a Cleansing Program?

There are literally thousands of chemicals and pollutants that we are exposed to everyday. Our bodies are constantly trying to cope with and filter out these damaging substances. Over time, these substances accumulate in our internal organs and in the long term lead to a variety of diseases. By periodically doing a cleansing program, one can clean out the body and alleviate the pressure put on the organs such as our liver, kidneys, intestines, and lymphatic system. It is recommended to do a cleanse twice a year to optimize your health, reduce unwanted symptoms, and to prevent future disease.

What Results Can I Expect?

Depending on how ‘toxic’ or unhealthy a person is, results can vary. Typically, individuals have an improvement in their digestion and bowel movements, increased energy, increased mental clarity or lifting of mental ‘fog’, weight loss, and decreased pain. Doing a cleanse is a great way to kick off a weight-loss program.

Clean Up Your Diet

Eliminating foods that increase the burden on your body or add to the toxicity is the most important thing in ANY detoxification program. At the same time nourishing your body with foods that promote the cleansing process are equally important. This program will give you a detailed guide and teach you which foods should be restricted and foods you can eat. Also, included in your detox program is a 150 page cookbook full of delicious and healthy recipes.

How Long is a Detox Program?

A detox program can be individualized to suit your needs and lifestyle. Different styles of programs can range between 5 days to 3 weeks.

Vitamins and Supplements

There are a wide variety of supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, and homeopathic remedies that increase your body’s ability to cleanse. They can ‘clean out’ your internal organs and support your liver, kidneys, and colon, to do their job of eliminating waste more effectively. In this program, a comprehensive package of safe and effective supplements have been selected that are backed with years of experience and success.

Acupuncture Assisted Detox and Weight Loss

For individuals seeking greater detox effects and increased weight-loss during their cleanse, acupuncture is a great solution. By using acupuncture points to stimulate certain organ systems based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, increased lymphatic flow and release of toxins can be achieved.
Also, acupuncture has the ability to decrease food cravings and increase metabolism to burn more fat. Acupuncture can target stubborn areas like the belly, thighs, hips, and arms to visibly shrink these areas. Vitamin B12 Injections Giving vitamin B12 by intramuscular injection can rapidly increase one’s energy and metabolism. This is completely safe, free of side effects and painless.

Intravenous Antioxidants

For heavily toxic individual (frequent alcohol use, medication use, or work related toxicity) using IV Glutathione, the body’s master antioxidant, can rapidly heal and cleanse the liver.

What Are Some Sources of Toxins?

To name just a few: atmospheric pollution from vehicles, pesticides and hormones in agriculture, refined and processed foods, alcohol, pharmaceutical medication, cigarette smoke, household cleaners, work related materials such as paints, plastics and solvents, etc…

Is it Safe and Effective?

Yes, when done under the supervision of a naturopathic doctor. There are certain health conditions that would be impacted negatively if a person was to do a cleanse. Also, there are many products for detoxification on the market and in health food stores that are either ineffective or harmful.

Would You Like to Know More?

As about Colon Hydrotherapy, Dry Skin Brushing, Contrast Showers, and Sauna Therapy for cleansing and detoxification.

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