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We work with patients at all stages of the cancer journey - cancer prevention, before and after surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, and more.  

Goals of our treatments:

The goal of implementing natural therapies is to reduce the toxicity and damage caused by conventional treatments and to support healthy processes in the body. By using natural substances to improve the immune system, manage negative side effects, and cause damage to cancer cells, naturopathic care can improve survival outcomes and improve quality of life.

Treatments that we offer: 

  • Diet and nutritional counseling

  • Acupuncture

  • Vitamin, mineral and herbal supplementation

  • Intravenous and injection therapies

Integrating with Conventional Treatments

It's important that the therapies are individualized and effective. One of the aspects of integrating naturopathic care with conventional care is minimizing potential for interactions that may reduce the efficacy of conventional treatments. Our NDs are trained to recognize and advise potential herb-supplement-drug interactions.

Evidence Based Natural Therapies

At our clinic, we ensure the highest standards of research behind our treatments. There are many treatments that claim they are “nature’s miracle cure” for cancer. However, we will only recommend treatments that have been scientifically studied and have shown evidence of beneficial effects against cancer.

Find out more about some of the therapies we offer:

Intravenous Vitamin C

Mistletoe Therapy

Nutrition and Cancer

Acupuncture and Chemotherapy

Vitamins and Herbs

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